Protocol - for the Installation of Troop Committee Chairperson

This Script is for the retirement of the Committee Chairperson and the installation of a new Committee Chairperson, when the current Chairperson has completed their term at the end of the Scouting year in December.

This program should be conducted at the December Court of Honor after the Unit Commissioner has closed the Court, and should be the last item on the agenda (minus any outside flag retirement program). 

This ceremony must be always presented before the youth of the troop as well as the adults.

The Senior Patrol Leader or his designee will call up and introduce the Nominations Chairman to give a short talk on what the functions of the Committee and its Chairperson.  

The Nominations Chairman will then called up the outgoing Chairperson and talk about their achievements and years of tenure.  Then present them with a gift from the Troop. 

Next Nominations Chair will ask the incoming Chairperson to come forward to present a Plaque from the Troop to the outgoing Chairperson. 

The Outgoing Chairperson will then say a few words.

Following that the Nominations Chairman will present the Oath of Office to the incoming Chairperson.  Note that the Nominations Chairperson and the New Chairperson should be in Scout uniform and say the pledge while giving the Scout sign.

After the Oath the new Chairperson will give a talk on their vision for the troop.

When finished the Nominations Chairperson will turn the program back over to the Senior Patrol Leader or his designee.

Here is the Oath of Office for the Troop Committee Chairperson